Saturday, February 4, 2012

Riding in Traffic

While I am convalesing and doing some research on the web I ran Across a paper on Riding Velos in Traffic from the:
 6th European Seminar on Velomobile Design, Copenhagen 2009.
It was a good read, take a look espaecially if you are new velonaut like myself.
You can read more extracts when you folow the threads on the bottom of the  PDF.

By the way the next Seminar is happening in September 2012 anyone from N.A. want to go? Hmmmm

Presenter: Paulus den Boer, Netherlands — Velomobiles in traffic


Cyclist experience problems enough around their safety in traffic. So one can expect that exceptional cyclists using velomobiles have even more problems.
Experienced velomobilist Paulus den Boer brings you through a number of practical aspects of traffic safety when riding velomobiles. With clear examples it becomes clear that there is more to know about your own safety than meets the eye!
At the end of the presentation you may have some fresh ideas how you too can take care of your own safety even more than before.


Download PDF: vmsem6-den-boer--velomobiles-in-traffic.pdf (English, 3076 KB)
Newer Version, with comments: vmsem6-den-boer--velomobiles-in-traffic-2.pdf (English, 9728 KB)
The video refered to in the PDFs:
Video in English of the presenataion itself is posted here:

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