Thursday, February 9, 2012

More Mouldable Plastic Fun

First I want to thank all my well wishers for my healing after surgery. Its amazing how a little slice in life can really take your energy away and how fast you can become "cranky". Doing well, healing slowly. :) I can see why they say 4-6 weeks for full recovery! Getting in and out a bed is hard work! Never mind a Velo!
So I have had a lot time to surf the net and to do a couple of Velo related projects.
Mouldable Plastic
I had to find a new source for the mouldable plastic pellets, (MPP) that I was using and found a great source from Inventables. A great source for all sorts for DIY materials and stuff. Check them out: They had great prices for product, quantity and shipping. So I ordered a pound of it and started making things.

Flevo Roof Clips
The clips on the end of the Flevo roof are hard to come by up here and of course I lost one so...
I heated up some MPP (Mouldable Plastic Pellets) used some Krylon FUSION Black Spray paint and colored the melted plastic. Sprayed paint in the bag until there was a pool of paint then put the warmed up plastic in a plastic bag and manipulated the two for a bit then took it out of the bag and let it cool.  (there is some epoxy coloring stuff you can get with al sorts of colors but I wanted to do it NOW) The next day I took the black MPP and started to play with shaping the plastic to resemble the original lock pin. Easiest way to get the right shape after trying various methods was; to take a 3" x 1/7” rolled bit and push it through the hole in the end piece, the wrap it around and along the bottom, trim the excess off, smooth it up and Walla:
There is an original in the middle of the one picture. Not bad eh.

Dinotte Switch Modification

(Warning this mod will nullify your warranty)
Finally I was able to afford to get a on/off switch from Dinotte plus a few other cables I need for my lighting /power set up for my Velo. But when I got it I saw that the in and out lines were on the same side leading back the way the way they had come in. Good for a bike handle - not what I needed for the velo. I wanted a straight line switch. After a couple days I was looking at the switch trying to think how I could bend the out line back and make it permanent with some MPP. As I tinkered I finally cut it open.  It's a simple button on/off switch inside. But wait, yes it has a formed block of MPP inside to hold its shape and make the thing somewhat weather resistant. I bent the out line back to the linear position I wanted; heated some MPP and the interior MPP of the switch and fused the two together, added some loop Velcro on the outside and here is the result:

iPhone Holder and Caravan Mount
I use an iPhone a lot for riding, internet, reading,  and well it‘s just handy. Anyways, I had made a Caravan holder years ago to place where there is a hole/shelf in my car with MPP.  I recently remade it to use… Velcro and also I made a new sleeve with Velcro on the back to mount the iPhone in the Van, Velo on a wall, well, anywhere. Here are the pictures here:
If you have some good mods and addition to your Velo, email them to me and I will post it or the link here.

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