Monday, February 13, 2012

Upgrade Repair Advice /Instructions From SinnerBikes

I finally heard back from Harry Lieben (twilwel) of SinnerBikes regarding an email I sent a month ago. The delay was not having and email address that “worked right”. Got the right one and less than a day later Harry wrote back. I placed his reply in the Repair mod page for reference.
I a had also mentioned that having a Video  “Manual” of the Basic and more extreme
types would be of Great service to those of us who are not near a repair center could do or have a good mechanic watch. Harry had been thinking the same thing, so maybe soon we start seeing Video Repair “Chapter”s on SinnerBikes YouTube channel.
You can see what is available now from Sinnerbike and Harry
and Twilwel/Huneliggers Channel for great videos of all sorts;
 SinnersBikes You Tube Page. (a Twilwels search Page)

 These are the types of Videos I’d like to see:
Manuals/videos on:
- mid drive cassette; maintenance/ upgrade
- rear rim/wheel (new and old style)
- 70 to 90 brakes; maintenance/ upgrade
- Replace seat old style with new
- adjust seat
- remove up grade Dashboard
- adjust/ replace spring tensioner
- change /lube bearings – (already a video here from Nitramulap)
- remove top
- toe in
- change universal joint
- change chain
- suspension; maintenance/ upgrade
Thanks Harry for the Reply and Information. We’ll be looking forward to more the the future!
Looks like I have to work at the airport a bit longer to save for some of these up grades!

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