Thursday, February 16, 2012

I have an online Cafepress shop where I sell an occasional t-shirt every year. I do it mainly to promote Velos and Recumbents and earn enought to get a couple of free shirts every now and then, I started to learn Corel Draw 15 better while healing from surgery and these are some new proofs of what will be offering on my Cafepress site next week. What do you think?

Stay tuned


  1. I like the yellow Quest ~ Since I have a yellow Quest ~ are your designs embroidered ~ a golf shirt with a yellow quest on the front and nothing on the back would look nice

  2. You will have to check the Cafepress website. I have no control over the types of shirts they offer. There is a limited range of styles, fabric and colors. I think they have white golf shirt with embrodiery (patch style) If there is an option I will make sure its available. Larry

  3. Hi Larry,

    they look very nice!
    Although the shading of the Mango is somewhat incorrect. The backside (after the seat) turns inside, so I would suspect the shade at the top. In fact that part would be shaded completely (the sun/light is on top).


  4. Hey thanks for comment and the tip. I changed it. Looks even better! I am just learning how to do this shading for effect thing, so positive critiques are always welcome. Its how we and our products improve! Ya did good.Larry

  5. Larry,

    Tim Guthrie,

    I want a windscreen.