Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Velo Fellowship & Fairing

This past weekend I had the opportunity to go to Calgary to visit my Step Mom & Dad plus go to a funeral of a My best friends Father. While there I also paid a visit to Cornell W's home (BROL: Bluecoyote) near Cochrane, and beautiful blue Strada.

We had a wonderful lunch with homemade Mango Bread that Cornell whipped up. I always have a wonderful time with both Muriel and Cornell. We spent several hours laughing and talking about Velos. TOT, and listening to Cornell's vast recollection of stories from the 30+ years with Parks Canada.

We also took the time to install a wind vizor that I am producing over here in North America based on and by Permission from Wim Schermer of the Netherlands.

Wim and his volunteer crews' have tested these windscreens and have had remarkable result's in power and speed. Consistently with a Vizor and average rider can save from 35-45 watts of output or gain 3-4 kph for the same effort. Read about it on Wims’ blog.

We'll Offer a slightly modified windscreen for $25.00 plus shipping.
We'll  also offer a Flevo Roof replacement windscreen for $35.00 plus shipping. Both are made from optically clear Lexan of 1mm thickness.

We are just setting up PayPal but we can take Visa/ MasterCard over the phone. If you would like one please email us with the subject Vizor, at velorydr at TELUS dot net. Please provide address, phone number and email. I will get in touch with you regarding shipping and payment.

Up Top of the page we now have a page set up for these and other items in the near future. We are also sourcing out Colour Hook and Loop “Velcro”( should be available in3 weeks), Windstrips , matching Paint pens and other Velo related stuff.
Overall I had a great Velo centered weekend. I even had my 74 yr. father quite interested in velomobiles. He thinks they are okay for others but not for him and the neighbourhood he lives in (small lanes, congested with parked cars and fast crazy drivers) I had a fun time with him.

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