Trike & Velomobile Sales

If you are interested in information regarding a recumbent trike or velomobile and would like to test ride one, Please call our Shop at:

RENU Cycle
Leduc, Alberta

As of September 2012 we are the Northren Alberta dealer for ICE Trikes and Terra Trikes.
We hope to have new model Year  demos near the end of every March for you to come down and test ride.
 In the mean time check out our Website:


WE Offer:
Ice Trikes:   
                 Demos Available:  Adventure HD RS, Sprint 26
Terra Trike 
               Demos Available : Rover, Rambler, Tour II and Traveler

HP Velotecknik:
                  Special Order Only
lrident Trikes: 
                Special Order Only 
Azub Trikes:
                Special Order Only 

Call us if you have any questions or want to discuss placing an order!


We have a Sinner Mango Velomobile that you can see anytime and test ride. For longer longer test rides and discussions regarding velomobiles, Please make an Appointment as we can be a busy shop and want to give you the best impression of a velo we can!  If you are interested in other makes of velos thats okay, but seeing and test riding a Mango will give you a good taste of what's like to ride and own a velo.

We like the Sinner Mango because they have shorter wheelbase that is ideal for urban commuting, riding and transportation (they easily fit inside a Caravan!)
SinnerBikes currently has 4 models of velomobile available that can each be personalized to some extent.

Interested? Give us a Call, Email or Drop By!

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