Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Rare Earth Magnet Velo(Kayak) Cover Mod

On Saturday night I decided to try a mod to my Velocover. Often when I tried to use the velcro straps inside I could not reach past my shoulders and had to get someone to lock it down. I saw a post from Europe about using magnets so I thought I would try. Here's what I did.

Step 1: Buy Rare Earth magnets; I used 3/4" by 1/8" round magnets from Lee Valley Hardware at a decent rate. next time I will use 1" with 1" cups to magnify the strength.

Step 2: Carefully slice your cover at the seam where the velcro straps are and insert the magnet.

then you can hot glue it shut. repeat at all strap locations.

Step 3: Place the cover on and click in a opposite magnet inside the velo where you want it to be at the velcro strap area. Once you know the area and you have it lined up properly take some hot glue and apply it to the magnet and quickly place it inside at the area, it will snap in. Wait a couple seconds and you can remove the cover and it will stay. Repeat for each location. If it is not strong enough you can add a second magnet or a non feris cup to magnify the strength of the magnets.

Step 4: Test it and watch it POP into place. Here's the video of what I did. Enjoy.



  1. You used only 4 places (8 magnets)?
    I used twice as much. I don't think 4 is enough in rather windy conditions.

    However, I've been using magnets over 2 years now and don't even think about going back to velcro. Okay, just 1 as a fail safe in very windy conditions but so far no fail safe was needed.

    What I also like about the magnets is that the cover isn't deformed by the velcro pulling the cover down and with that, the edge of the cover up. The magnets keep the cover nice and flat on the body.

    Use some magnets under the 'hood' so you can place the cover beneath the hood when you don't use it. The cover stays in place.

  2. Looks very simple and very nice. I wonder if it will last by hihger speed

  3. I placed magnets at the same points the velcro strips are.If it strats to bounce in high wind I can still use the velcro for to for now