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Here you will find items that we offer To "Bling up" your velomobile.
Some of this stuff is hard to source but we have it here (most of the time).

We can take credit card info (MasterCard & Visa) over the phone or paypal.

Item Payment:

Send us an email with the product and quantity you want, name address phone and email. We will contact you with final shipping cost and make arrangements to pay.
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 Wind Vizors

Made with permission from Wim Shermer. from Optically clear 1mm Lexan. These Vizors will keep the wind from your face, reduce ambient noise and help you to go faster with less effort. Extensively tested in the Netherland by the Velomobile Guru Wim Shermer and crew have dramatic result for nearly all riders. See post

Regular ~4" $30.00 each plus shipping and handling
Large ~8" $40.00 each plus shipping and handling - great for Winter riding as it allows the cold wind to flow right over your head!

NEW Tinted Wind Vizors

Regular ~4" $35.00  each plus shipping and handling

Flevo Roof Windscreen Replacements

After a while, no matter how much you take care of it, you windscreen on your Flevo Roof gets scratched up . We have conjured up a suitable replacement for you.

$40.00 plus shipping and handling.

Risse Rear Shocks

Probably the Best upgrade for all current Velomobiles. Adds superior road handling, control and even speed.   Call for Reduced Pricing in Canada and U.S. 
Usual price on the Web is $198 but we can do Better (But keep it quiet!)
Also alot of users opt for the Accufill Adapter from Risse to prevent air leak when releasing the shock pump form the shock $12 US

Please contact Via Email for Orders and Availability! 
thediff at 
PS. Please allow up to 2 weeks for manufacturing and shipping. I will let you know details when you order. Thanks 

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