Saturday, April 21, 2012

Crazy Canuck tour to California and Back again

I left Edmonton at 1am Wednesday morning to drive through rain, fog and snow to start my first ROAD TRIP in 25+ years. I was headed to Sacramento california to ride the American River Trail.
I arrived in Cochrane to pick up bluecoyote at 6:30 am. By 8 pm we were on our way. After 30+ hours of outrageous stories from Cornell, some good and poor restaurant meals; carting motels, lots of coffeeand zipping through southern Alberta, across Montana, Idaho,
Nevada ( took a slight detour to see lake Tahoe) into california, we arrived at the Red Roof Inn in Sacramento.
Other people started to arrive around 2 pm. Its Nice to meet the faces behind the avatars From BROL. Around seven we started to go to dinner At a Thai restaurant. Because the Various arrival times we ended up going into two groups and eventually about 10 of us started to congregate in the parking lot around 9:30 pm to swap stories. Its starting to feel like another version of TOT. People taking rides, looking at bikes and have a great time. Oh, yeah, it was about 29c. Hot times. Saturday looks hot and perfect for a 'bent rally and ride. Stay tuned

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

2012 Godspoke #1

Our First Ride together for 2012
Had a great turn out for our Group Ride tonight. The weather was great and so was the enthusiasm!

The Mango was great to ride! For the first time I felt the promise of the rides ahead. I hit the 30's fairly easy and punched +40 a couple of times. You really can feel the Zoom factor on any slight down grade. There is no going back now. Every one else was bundled for chilly weather and I rode open canopy with a light vest. Riding on the paths was okay but with a group it was slower. A velo is not a social beast when mixed in with the common "safety" bike. They are mushing while I am coasting. Still the GRR will be a nice ride.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Vizors are In And Need a Velo Companion!

These Vizors Need a Home and A Velo to Ride with, They are lonely, if you can help please email or leave a comment.

I have been under the weather lately but I have been out for some ride every day!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Day 4 The Ride Before the Storm

Today's Partial ride Home was Great, Speed was defiantly up , So was the pressure in the tires. Makes a difference from 65 to 100 psi. I also seem to have the Mango dialed in better. It doesn't take me 15+ minutes to get in connected and comfortable. I think I may have to, no I will take out the Pedal extenders, I don't like the rubbing I feel when pedalling. I need them on the GRR but I'll try to see what happens when I try riding without them.

Now if the weather would co-operate so i can get some longer rides in to work on my endurance. Tonight and tommorrow we are to have rain the 5-25 centimeters of heavy wet snow. Should make tomorrows ride rather interesting.
Oh Later in the month I am traveling to the US. for a bike ride and business trip.April 18-28+ . I am planning to visit the Risse Factory, a few West coast dealers, T-Cycle Accessories and hopefully a velo builder in Vancouver B.C. Plus a lot of riding in several States so Say tuned for the Crazy Canuck Tour to TAR TAR. with fellow velonaut Bluecoyote. Should be some fun posts, Interviews, video and photos. Maybe a detailed look the Rotovelo and interview with Nada Holz of USA Rotovelo importer.

day 3 Into the Night...

Well really Night 1 (day 3)

I had a really busy day and did not get home from my second job until 2 am this morning. So I jumped on my Goldrush for a quick ride around the neighborhood. There is something pleasing about riding around during the wee small hours. So quiet, plus we had a really bright moon last night that really light up the countryside.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Day 2 of 30 Days Of Cycling

Not a bad ride today. Weather was nice, Speed was up , hat was OFF!
Seems like I have to find a better hat to ride with. Two times while riding home today, when I shifted position radically and tilted my head up to much my hat lifted then flew off. IT IS A REAL PAIN to shuffle backwards on a busy highway to reclaim my CAP! Actually I chuckled at myself after. I guess with faster speeds there are hazards! LOL

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Day 1 of 30 Days

Today i rode my Velo for the first time in a couple of weeks. It was also the start of 30 days of Cycling that I signed up to do for April. No matter how I feel, no matter the weather. I will cycle everyday this month. I will post a photo and the stats. Last yearI really enjoyed this commitment. It was a highlight for 2011. I hope this year will prove to be better because I have a new Velo to get used to and because I am so out of shape from medical issues this past winter.

No more excuses here goes:

Today was a shake down ride, had some chain rubbing from one of the chain covers on the inside, it sort of irritated me for most of the ride; I stopped a couple of times to adjust it and it got a bit better but not until I got home and removed both did it go away. I have to get the covers just so or I get rubbing. I certainly need to lose the weight I gained over the last couple of months, but even then I notice my speed is better than last year. Not in the 30's like others but definitely pleased.

I felt poorly all day, and if it was not that I made a commitment to myself, I would have stayed in. It, as always, turned out to be a great day for a ride. It's amazing how much we do or don't do is all mental, what we decide to do. We really can do more if we make the choice just to do it.