Sunday, August 5, 2012

Mountain Riding splendor

This past weekend my family is near Nordegg, Alberta volunteering with Frontier Lodge, Fat Tire Festival. As my young adult kids are busy helping out my wife and I ride along the David Thompson highway on the saturday. Every year we try to finish our ride from the Saskatchewan River Crossing in Banff Park to the camp near Nordegg, about 90 km of rolling mountain hills and eastern Rockies slops. Several times in the past couple of years we had to stop our ride due to bike problems or severe weather at the David Thompson Resort, about 45 km. My wife and I switch off driving and riding every 5 - 10 km because we have no way to get to our start point, ride and then retrieve our van. This actually works well for just the two of us.

This year we started at the Resort with great weather, cloudless, deep blue skies and a nice tailwind. Lake Abraham was a beautiful turquoise color, wide shoulders and low traffic on the highway. Mmmm nice. About half way we stopped for a picnic lunch. Along the lake we enjoyed a 30 km tailwind, its always windy here as the wind blows from the west to east from the mountain pass. We rode east and out of the mountains, easy riding; its a lot tougher riding west up the pass on those winds.

We both rode our Easy Racer bikes this year as they are easier to transport. Plus lately I have had some sort of breakdown with the Mango on my last few big rides. I did not want to ride the velo until I am sure I have all the bugs worked out. Here are a couple of photos of our day:

Have a great day

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

More on Safe Riding

This is good little video for safe riding position. I realize that things would be mirrored in Europe and other counries where driving sides are opposite. Just acknowledging you people, Too!