Monday, January 30, 2012

1st commute home in Velo

Wow Am I Out Of Shape!
I have not done any riding over 4 km since Thanksgiving. But this was not my worst commute by far compared to rides at this time or later from the last 2 years on my GRR. I think this the earliest Commute home too!
Well, My Cadence is way down. Avg 53 from 71, Speed only off by about 4 kph but I was running winter studded Marathons at 50 psi, on mainly clear roads with some slushy spots (most in town). I usually run Bontrager training slicks and 100 psi, so that might be why I was sloggin it.  It got to full dark the last 3rd but the standard lights and the Dinotte 200RL on the back kept the traffic aware of my presence.
My wife Alice came along from work just as I was 1/3 from home and said I was really noticeable, low but good visibility with all the lighting. I was very warm (the Garmin 500 inside said the average temp inside was 20.2 but the outside temp was 3). I had the cover on and when finished it was quite humid inside.
 (I didn't charge the Garmin, (last minute decision to ride hm) so it quit 2 km from home, 2 minutes later or so.  ARGG)
So this is my benchmark to improve on after I have my surgery on Friday and begin to seriously ride sometime in March. Until then, drop by for a few more upgrades, mortification's, and reviews'

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