Thursday, February 9, 2012

Correct Seating Position

As posted on BROL:
Okay, here’s the thing, is there a proper seating position in a velo? I didn’t pick one up at a dealers and have it fitted. I see some videos with riders sitting more upright and taller, others lower and more prone. As you can see In my video I tend to sit more prone because it was fitted this way for someone else.
I tend to sit more upright on my GRR. My rides in the Velo are not uncomfortable,  but not upright. I do not even know if I change the seating by replacing the whole thing? At present my Mango has blue foam to manage the position. To sit more upright I would have change the blue foam, slide the seat back and the bottom brackets too. Is there graphic showing the “best” position for general Velo riding for me to compare. I am sure other 2nd hand velo owners have similar thoughts. Any builder want to chime in? Or do I have too much time on my hands right now and I am over thinking the whole thing? Cornell sits something close to me,I believe. Maybe its because I’m on the bigger side of the equation.
Please post a picture etc., of yourself so that we separated brethren can have an idea how others sit. Larry

Response from Brol Reader: Rhein 228 (Josef) Co-ordinator of ROAM 2011:
Feb 10/12

ckaudio's rule of thumb is just right, that is how you should sit unless that proves to be uncomfortable -- if so, I would adjust for comfort even if it means to sit a bit higher up.

You seem to be sitting ok from what the pictures indicate. I would still try to get a good position without any foam padding (assuming that you use one of the standard seat mats).
For most riders, the adjustments allow to sit deep enough, still see over the hood, and keep shoulders below the rim (advisable on bumpy roads, it hurts to hit the bottom of the lip on bigger bumps) without any extra padding.
Low seat helps with the Flevobike roof (enough clearance for your head, for some even with a skater or climber helmet).

Attached is how I sit in the Quest

Attached Images

Coast to Coast by Velomobile in 2011: Roll Over America

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