Thursday, January 26, 2012

Headrest - Power/Usb Mods

As I mentioned in a past post I modified the head rest to include a neck rest. Using part of a Eveready exercise mat(new) I shaped and cut out a new rest.

It was at the right thickness and readily available at the local Walmart. I used Industrial Velcro to attach it and so I can change it in warmer weather to something like a Ventist pad:
My next mod took several days to research and get some advice from other velo riders and builders on how to add a USB port to an existing 6v system. I am sad to say I got no advice from anyone. So I put my fledging efforts here to here other Noobies. Let me say I do not know anything about electrical systems, just a it of “slice and dice and if it ain’t sparkin its workin”!
Okay here goes: Try to find out what sort of battery you have or are going to use. In my case my Mango came with a Sigma Nipak Nimh Flat battery 6v rating, I am still not sure of the Mah rating (maybe someday). Plus I have several Dinotte Lith-Ion batteries of 2200 and 4400Mah. Could I use both in my Velo? Not linked of course, but yep all will run the lights, Iphone and other 6v accessories. Dinotte 140L and 200L lights, USB auto power outlet. Actually using my sons voltage meter we found that the batteries ran 7.3 to 8.4 v. So the 12v Belkin downs grades the power to a usable 5.5 or so.

I used a Belkin car adapter that has circuits to protect from overcharging, female auto power outlet, heat shrink wrap, fuse and some weather tight CCTV power ends.  After splicing the socket to the ends I tested out first an amber Dinotte and used it to test all my connections first. Didn’t want to fry anything in da Mango. So here is the end product:

You can see that the IPhone is charging. I used heat shrink to encase the cord, weather proof it and added loop velcro to wrap it and make look better and easy to place.
I must admit that I added a lot of hook velcro to the inside as attaching points. All my accessories have a loop patch. I figure If I loose a pound I won’t notice the weight and I can put stuff anywhere.
This USB power outlet will let me use any 6v battery I have, power my lights, GPS, Iphone, etc..  its functionable, fused and mostly hidden under the seat.

I have a Jambone Jam box bluetooth speaker that I can charge through the system now. Plus I place it just behind the seat. When I do that the whole Velo vibrates- Awesome. The Jambox is louder and uses less power when a audio cable is used so I got a 6” long Griffin cord, which should stand up to a lot of pluggin. So I now feel more confident to go on longer rides or my commutes in style without losing critical GPS or Iphone power, Cool.

I found that the seat would always fall back on me when up so I added a 3” strip of loop velcro on the seat to help hold it up when needed.:
Some have asked for pic of my shirts that i have here:
here is one of the quest types:

here is one of the Mango types:
If you are interested click and order some,  I need to pay for the Mangos upgrades, Lots of sizes an colors available,
Hopefully i can get out for a couple of rides in the next week as Feb 23 i go in for a hernia operation and won’t be able to ride for about 6 weeks in my Velo! During that time I can do mods and research for the blog.
Till next time:
Ta Ta For Now Please give feed back so I can get better at the stuff.


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