Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Some new paint

 I have always liked the interiors of the newer velos, so shiny and black. My new mango had an unfinished fiberglass grey interior, which didn't look great to me.
So I rearranged some Velcro strips and spray painted the interior, looks great now; it even has a gold metallic sparkle in it.

I also found out that with the new studded tires that I cannot turn in circles as the tires rub on the side of the wheel wells. Plus they are a lot noisier, they sort of hum.
I am on the hunt for an extra 6v battery. I would like to be able to use it also to use as a back up for my iPhone and gps. Stay tuned. I also bought a cup holder to hold my coffee and/or water bottle; I will figure out how to secure it tomorrow


  1. What type of paint did you use? Nice idea to improve the appearance of the interior of your velo. I'm seriously considering doing the same to mine

  2. I have a 9000mAh external battery for phone and GPS that can be charged through USB; I use a small travel 4 port USB hub to distribute the power to more than one device at a time. I remove the AC charger when I operate in battery mode and plug it in to recharge the external battery. The whole setup is less than %100 and weight less than 1lb and provides several hours of additional use for your devices. larger and smaller external batteries are also available.

  3. Larry; I just spotted this blog! Congrats on getting the Mango earlier than you originally planned. Looking Good! Contact Ray at Bluevelo. I am sure he will send you a new set of decals.