Friday, January 6, 2012

Answers to comments

Thanks for the comments, as to the type of paint I use, its Krylon interior/ exterior.The first can was a paint /primer combo and the second was a gloss with a gold metal flake. Turned out nice and it only took an hour.

Its nice to see Velos in Alberta. We will have to try and get everyone together for a ride.

This site is a work in progress, as I get time and maintenance ideas.etc I will post them, thanks for the leads.

The Bluevelo decal was on the Mango, It was the first thing I removed, to large in my mind. I plan to add a much smaller version later. I want to support Ray as much as I can to get more velos out there. I have a small but growing bike repair biz that I want to promote and eventually sell recumbents and velos from!

Have a great day

Friday January 6
It was really warm out again today, we have had one of the mildest Dec/Jan in years here. No real snow, some ice but most roads are pretty clear. So after I replaced the tires from studded to the smoother ones that came on the bike ( I have two sets of front rims -I can switch them in 45 seconds each,straightened out the severe wobble in the one rim too, I went for a quick ride around the block. Low and behold I caught up with a good friend of mine that was on a walk; Marv and a bunch of us ride alot together, and beeped him with my horn! The look of surprise and delight on his face was a highlight of my day. He didn't know I had gotten the velo this week. So as we talked, A LOT of cars slowed down and gawked at the velo. Then another rider friend of Marv's, a local RCMP stopped and Had to take a pic.(Sigh, I guess it starts now) 

I also replaced the foam grips with Black cork handle bar tape from MEC ($10.50)

Tonight at work, I fell off a belt loader at the airport, tweeked my knee. I hope I just sprained it. I do not want to be laid up with a new velo to ride!

Pics tomorrow, I have to get used to taking pictures of what I do - A blog without pix is so drab.


  1. How much of the interior did you paint?
    Did you go all the way back and forward into the nose. The gold flakes sound like it would provide a regal touch to the interior. Did you have to do much to prepare the surface?

  2. I got all the way to the nose and all the way to the front. Using the combo primer and paint I didn't really prep the inside except to wipe it down. let dry and spary. used 3 cans and alot of contorting. combo then semi gloss the light coat of gloss with metallic. total time 2 hrs. Huge improvement.