Sunday, January 15, 2012

ShapeLock Dinotte Rear light holder

Some people wanted to see a better pic of the Shape lock light holder I made for the rear of my Mango so here are a couple of pictures:

Shapelock can be drilled, painted and if you screw up, heat it up and try again. I am using double sided auto tape to hold it on.
I also added a strip of industrial male Velcro to my handle bar to see my Garmin 500 when I have the cover on. Works really well for these old eyes:

I also started to make a combo head/ neck rest as you can see here:  I designed a basic pattern  in Corel Draw and cut out a prototype today; tomorrow  I will try try it out and make adjustments. I am using an Eveready exercise mat as material and will Velcro it for now:

It finally snowed and got cold here in Alberta today tonight its –20 c
Not much riding going to get down for a couple of days!
Have a great Week

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