Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mod pix and updates

I spent the last week driving my wife crazy at the shop by tinkering too much on my velo and not enough time doing “my work”. So many personal touches, mods, and stuff to do; plus I found that I love to play around with Shapelock memory plastic. If at first you don't succeed, soften and try again:

the first pic is of a water bladder hook with velcro for holding up bladder.

 The second is a outside up front velcro mount for my Garmin 500.
I had mentioned that I changed the foam grips out and added black cork handle bar tape from MEC: I have had cork grips on my GRR and like the “grippiness” and it’s a bit thicker so it stays under the front panel better now. 

 To see how some vinyl graphics would look I used a couple of sheets of Avery Laser full sheets, a colour laser printer and Corel Draw X5 to make some temporary decals; they turned out great and they are easy to peel off later with a hair drier or heat gun:

 As you can also detect I mounted my Dinotte rear 140 red light too; more on that in a couple of days. But its temporally mounted with automotive 2 sided tape and a bracket made with shapelock plastic. After using a Dinotte rear for the last couple of years on my GRR, after lasts nights ride I though the supplied rear light was way, way to dim.

Speaking of last nights ride, I made a run to the local coffee bar for a Latte and velo'd up to the drive thru- what a hoot- the girls serving were amazed and the car owner ahead of me "had" to get out and take a pic (nice looking MOM with 7 yr old) - if this keeps up I may be the most photo'd guy in Leduc by years end!
Last nights ride was a lot colder and windier, but I did over 8k, avg 19 km and was quite cozy inside the velo until I got out to unstick my self from a bit of snow. I haven’t ridden much in the past 3 months and I have a injured knee, so I was pleased with my speed. Its was definitely colder  but riding in the velo it really didn't seem like it. Plus I noticed that after I got back to the shop that It was a bit humid in the velo. hmmm.
enough for now my bed is calling!
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  1. Larry I like your mods. I like the mount that you made to hold your Garmin 500. I might rig up a similar mount in that location for mine. Mine is tough to see when it is inside the velo.

  2. Thanks for the comment. are you riding during this great weather?

  3. Sadly, I have been working and only took it out twice around Christmas.