Saturday, January 28, 2012

How to Relate to a Sardine

One of the questions I had before getting a Velo was "Am I too big"? Before I got my Velo I was near 300 lbs and 5'10", with 24" shoulders. I tried to get some response from other veloriders and builders but didn't get any real answers. Lately I have had several readers ask me about the sizing of my Mango, how wide, is it easy to get in, shoulders rubbing, etc..  I decided to make quick video of myself getting inand out of my Mango. Its not like we have alot of velo riders nearby to help us or to peek at or to answer some of these questions. So we have to resort to video here.
Today I am still 5'10" closer to 255 lbs  with 22" shoulders, a bad knee and about to get a hernia operation next Friday. With that in mind here are some pictures and some video about a big guy getting in a velo:

I measured the widest part of the opening with a soft measuring tape being about 22" inside and the narrowest being 19 or so. I actually fit in snug but very comfortable. Other velo riders mention rubbing could be an issue on Long 100Km rides - we will see. Plus I plan to be narrower by summer! :)
I hope thses answer a few questions. If it stirs up more, leave it in the comments section...


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  1. I thank you for the film. I am going next week to look at a mango sport. if i like it I will buy it Coachl BROL memebr