Sunday, April 28, 2013

Introducing Trikes to the Masses

This past weekend Wouter and I spent Friday Eve, all day Saturday and Sunday at the Leduc Business Expo. We had a booth displaying 4 of our trikes and promoting comfortable and fun cycling! A majority of attendees had probably never seen a trike and were shocked at the price and quickly lost interest. But I was surprised a the number who took to the idea and wanted to go for a quick ride. About 50 or so rode them all came back with huge grins! It was really a blast watching people young and old take the trikes out for a brief ride around the expo hall. All were astounded that they were so comfortable and easy to ride. We had a couple of individuals who tried out the bikes who had almost given up riding due to bad back and other ailments, but could see the trikes as an alternative to renew their riding. Over all I think it was a great start to the Year. Will we see them out on a new trike or velo this year? Who knows, but at least they had a chance to ride “one of them” and now they have something to talk about around the water cooler this week at work! “Hey, guess what I did this weekend?!”


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