Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Look Ma No Breeze!

I took the Mango out for a ride around town tonight to test out a clear extra large vizor I cut out this afternoon( I cut a tinted one on the weekend for daytime riding) Over the past week a lot of our town bike paths and side streets have cleared nicely from all the snow we got last month. The weather is supposed to get colder with snow and Rain in the next few days, so a ride before the storm was in order!

IMG_1419[1] IMG_1420[1]

I was a great test as the sun dropped so did the Temperature. My Buddy Wouter was riding the Ice Sprint 26” and really noticed it getting a lot colder as we rode. The new extra large visor kept me quite warm and totally out of any breeze of cold air! I would love to have a Sinner Race Cap, but since I don’t plan ride my Mango in to much  rainy weather, this visor will extend the cooler ends of the season quite nicely until I can afford one.

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  1. I love my Sinner Tour cap! I have been riding all winter and it really makes a difference. It's a lot of money, but by not driving my truck it's almost paid for.