Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Friday, April 19, We  had the opportunity to to show some of the high school teachers at Beaumont Comp a variety of recumbents. Last Friday was a Professional Development Day for the Teachers. The Students had the day off while the teachers met for planning and, etc. Later in the afternoon after they had been in planning sessions all day they wanted something different to do so they had contacted Wouter to bring by some trikes and stuff. Wouter still subs there so they knew of his recumbent and trikes passion.

We had a great time as most had never seen, much less ever tried to ride a recumbent. Seeing them flounder on the 2 wheeled Tour Easy and Burley Django was fun for all, but getting on the trikes brought out the kid in many. Zipping around the large Gym at the school was a pleasant ending to a day of meetings! 

Giving opportunities for people to ride and experience the comfort and fun of "’Bent riding is what Renu Cycle is all about

This Weekend, April 25-28,we will be hosting a booth at the Leduc Business Trade show and Exhibition.  Come down to see our ICE and Terra Cycle recumbent Trikes!

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