Saturday, May 4, 2013

Ramping it UP!

Often I have the privilege of having my wife Alice (or a friend) help me load and unload my velo or a trike into my Caravan to go somewhere to ride. But often I have to try and get the trike or velo in or out by myself, which can be somewhat awkward. So after doing a few experiments with various results I finally came up with a great solution.
I picked up at our local lumber supplier, 2.5 - 1”x 6” x 6’ smooth sided pine fence boards for $2.45 ea. cdn. To which I screwed, 3 stripes of woven strapping that I cut off from a couple of old tie downs and Walla:
 IMG_1507       IMG_1504

The straps will allow me to just roll the ramp together and tuck under the velo or trike! The silver part on the bottom is a metal drywall stud I cut to fit and just drop in and out, so the ramp does not squeeze together when rolling the velo up or down.  Simple, cheap, strong, light and compact!  YES!

After the ramp was made my freind Wayne and I went out for a 30k ride during the best Saturday afternoon weather we have had here in Leduc since the early Fall. A bit windy but over 21c and sunny!

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