Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Velomobile Cockpit Edge Protection

Ever since I saw some of the Euro riders Velos with a nice trimmed cockpit edge protection on their velos I liked it. I always seem to scuff my edge getting in or out of my velo. Wim sells Neoprene that looks great but uses contact cement to Apply. Being in Automotive Cleaning / Tint paint protection Services, I was aware of a product that may be easier to apply and remove later. This week a velomobile Quest Rider on BROL asked about paint he could use to lower the glare under his Vizor. When I saw this thread last night I was reminded that I wanted to try applying Some Xpel Doorsill Film to cover the edge of my Sinner Mango Velo cockpit rim. So Today I grabbed the Xpel Off the Shelf, along with my heat gun. and did a quick trial.

The product comes in clear and black and is quite tough and stiff. A little heat and it moulds very nicely to the gel coat. To go all the way around the rim you need about 6.5 feet. It comes in 60" x 2.75" retail rolls.
Half an hour later it was done. Be careful with the heat as the film only has a certain stretch point when heated then it shrinks and tears. When Cool the film is quite tough. Now my rim is protected from scuffing, reduces glare and looks cool; and if you fold it under the lip can prevent nasty scrapes!
IMG_1429 IMG_1430

This will peel off with a wee bit of heat and a gentle pull.
I also used this product for a non slip cover on the bridge deck. Its great for areas on your other bikes/trikes for a chain slap guard or where you could scuff the paint with your foot.
You should be able to find it at your local automotive accessory store or I can supply it to you.

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