Tuesday, July 3, 2012

TOT DAY 5: Oh Glorious Day!

This was the Day, Wednesday, The Sunny was out, the skies were clear. Just what the doctor ordered.
The agenda for the day was to load up the trike, bikes and velos to drive to Harrison and ride a 50 km out and back along Lake Coeur d'Alene over the stepped bridge and up to Plummer the beginning of the Trail D’ Coeur d'Alene
This turned out to be the day of the largest group ride. Over 40 riders headed west.
It was also the hottest day of the ride. The trail runs along the east shore of the of the lake again on top of the old railway bed that is paved and smooth. This part of the trail to Plummer is about 25 km long and is best enjoyed with Hot sunny weather! The first highlight is the ride along shore, the second  is the stepped causeway up and over the lake.  The worst and best is the 6 km ? ride up the valley wall to Plummer, Then you get a rest a couple of kilometers Later at the Trail head which also serves as a memorial to the Fallen Warriors and soldiers from the local native American tribe this part of the trail resides in. 
Then comes the down hill run returning the way we came. I was cruizn’ at about 55 kph  Can you say  WAAAAA HOOOOOO!
One of the The traditional rewards for riding that stretch is visiting the local ice cream shop in Harrison and sampling their wares! Hmm I only got a double scoop, Espresso Chocolate chunk and Moose Tracks!
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We took the scenic route back to Kellogg around the east side of Lake Coeur D'Alene finally arrived back at the hotel around 4 pm and lounged around the portico of the hotel and convinced Dave to stoke up the Barbie  to help him reduce the amount of left overs he had not used during the previous night. ummmm just enough food for the few of us who had not left after the days ride. A lot of people left that night to get head start of their long ride home!

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