Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Morning, the Last breakfast. Many Good byes, Teary eyes and card exchanges. Then we loaded up the van and WENT SHOPPING again! What is it with girls?! We stopped at a Fred Meyers and it is one  of those Megastores that carry everything from clothes to groceries. So I took the opportunity to get some cycling wear and some only in the US made Potatoes chips!Its along trip back with tired people so we took our time stopping along the way for Coffee breaks and a nice Picnic type supper besides the Highway and a creek in Kootenay National Park.
dinner in Radium
We Stayed the night in Banff Park near Lake Louise at a Hostel. It was my daughters first night in a hostel and she a had a typical teenage girls reaction to sharing a room with several other ladies who snore or move around a lot at night. Not Well. I was surprised she was not grumpy this morning. oh well teenagers.

My morning view and coffee spot! right outside the hostel.
tot 2012 2012-06-29 001
The clouds and mountains along the Banff Parkway, always an awesome and mystical drive
tot 2012 2012-06-29 002
Today its just drive 5 hours to reach our home in Calmar, Clean out the Van, stock up and then head to our cabin 1 hour north of Edmonton a long weekend of relaxing and more riding.
TOT was a everything I expected, The best UN organised Recumbent Event in the U.S.!  WE THINK OVER 100 people showed up for rides, laughs, good food, trial rides , bike show, parts exchange, new friends, old friends and yes even a few beers. Thursday night a few of us were sitting around after that great ride from Harrison to Plummer with a drink in our hands, our feet up , sun shining. when someone said “life sure don't get better than this does it?!”
tot 2012 2012-06-22 003
I hope you get several of these this summer
P.S. As we drove to and from the TOT we saw the most wildlife ever!
50 Deer of about 3 types, 4 bear: 1 grizzly and 3 black,
2012-06-22 23.10.312012-06-22 23.23.332012-06-22 23.23.45
eagles, an elk, 1 wolf, a blue Herron, Canadian geese, and a rare lynx.

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