Thursday, July 12, 2012

Hot time Ridin in da city

Finally we have had a streak of fine Hot weather over 30c that has lasted over a week. Since we got back from our riding tour in Idaho with TOT, I have been able to get a ride in everyday. But not in my Mango. But on My GRR.
Heresy you say! No, just practical.
   I enjoy temps under 30c and the thought of riding in my Mango (sweat box) while my Cool Blue Gold Rush sits on it perky `lil`stand just whispering:``Come on, you know you want to!...`` Well I can`t resist. I get on for a nice evening ride; the breeze flows across my brow and the world is right! ( I was going to say: ``blows through my golden locks``, but I been to shavin``me `ed for several years now! LOL)

 Plus, several of the rides I have done lately have been group rides and the velo is not a social beast.  The GRR is a cheeta in lambs clothing. When other riders in a group I am with think it`s time to do some smokin`, I just smile, wave and let `er loose. Wham bam thank you ma`m`, we are gone! Some jaws drop and others just laugh and yell: `` wait for us at the restaurant!`` AAAAAAHHHH!!   it  is so FUN!
Now does that mean I Don`t want to ride the velo anymore. NO WAY! A couple of 100 km rides and Cooler temps are coming later this summer and fall. The velo is reviving up and waiting for her time romp `n stomp! It`s great to have such awesome rides to choose from depending on the conditions. I am a very, grateful, man!
So what ever you ride, enjoy the day, the weather and the the company if any.


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