Sunday, July 15, 2012

Mango Tutorials: Front wheels alignment.

Sinner Bikes (Harry L)  has posted another Video Tutorial on YouTube. I have posted it on the Maintenance page here on this blog as a back up for future reference. Even though these are Mango spefic tuttorial . I am sure the basic mathods will work for the Quest and Strada velos too. (someone correct me if I am wrong!?)
Harry is producing better and more comprehensive tutorials all the time. We are very thankful for this legacy!
Keep on Filming HARRY! 
Love the Bloopers!!


  1. It is a must that every driver should know how to fix this things. It can be widely used for such emergency.

  2. When a vehicle is being aligned it is actually the suspension that is being adjusted and not the wheels and tires. That said it is very important how those wheels and tires are directed and angled once the job is done. Four different elements go into a proper wheel alignment and these include the caster, the camber, the toe, and the ride height and these components break down.

  3. It's important to make sure the area you are checking the alignment in is reasonably level. You can do this my running a string from 2 jack stands that are placed approximately where the car wheels are.