Thursday, May 31, 2012

New VeloRydr Cap and Skull Cap

I found out that I can get a die sublimated job done for the same prices as embroidery so here is what I have come up with. I wanted Velo Cap that would be cool and promote our Velos. Plus Walz Caps is looking to promote their new Jack Rabbit Cap so:

VELORYDR Subliminanal HATS rightVELORYDR Subliminanal HATS left
VELORYDR Subliminanal HATS midVELORYDR Subliminanal HATS brim

What you think? I was only going to produce about a 12 sublimated wicking caps, but they are quite popular on BROL. So I may do more if there more interest.
I asked and Walz Caps can use the same layout to make skull caps. They said sure!  So If you want a skull Cap let me know too!
Costs will be what is posted on the Walz Caps website plus a bit for only the cost of what it costs me to ship to you. If a couple of people get together they can make a group order for several caps and save shipping.

If you are seriously interested in ordering (1) one or more, let me know the size and number, so I can order them A.S.AP.
                !!!No Commitment or Money Now!!!
Just post a comment ONLY IF You REALLY intend to purchase. I will send another Notice when they are in my possession and really to ship to you. About 4-6 weeks from now.

I Am Not making anything on these Just the Pride of Design, and distribution, Plus I want others to know what we Ride with Pride!!!!      (Well a couple of bucks for packaging, gas to post office probably.)

Free Advertising, eh!

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