Wednesday, May 9, 2012

American River Trail–East - Saturday

It has been a peculiar thing for the past few years. Normally I am a late riser in the morning, I have been for most of my life a “night” person or late evening might be a better term. But since about 2003 on my holidays I Get up a lot earlier, say between 5-and 7 am instead of my normal 8-9. Something in me doesn’t want to waste any part of the day. Well sharing a room with a early riser doesn’t hurt; Cornell’s internal alarm seems to wake him at 6 am no matter how late he stays up the previous evening. So Saturday morning and every frickin mornin during the trip I was wakened by the shower or Cornells' rustlings around the room. Wahoo another fun day ahead.

After we got ready we met several other riders and headed over to ”The Waffle Shop". Okay I have to state here that overall we found on our trip, that food prices were generally the same as in Canada but the portions are still huge! I ordered an omelette and it was 3/4 the size of my plate and was loaded! Plus I got a heap of hash brown's and a biscuit covered in a pork gravy. For at least 15% less than what I paid for for less quantity in Canada . Now Wonder the Americans are second in the world in the obesity epidemic. They should give smaller portions for less price. Would it help?  Can’t hurt.

We finished our breakfast and headed over to the Motel and started to get our bikes ready! Its always a joy to seeing so many riders getting together and checking out the others guys rides and mods.

North American riders are such few in numbers, so spread apart; that its hard to get together; so when we do its a huge gawk session. I was surprized  over the number of Ice Trikes out for this meet.

spring 2012 Tartar 017 spring 2012 Tartar 018

Usually Catrike is in the majority, but it seems that Ice was in the lead for most of one type. I’ve always had a preference for the indirect steering and smoothness of ride rather than the direct steering types. Plus the Ice bike rides so much smoother. Hmm. If it wasn’t for the price … Catrike had better watch out!

spring 2012 Tartar 020 spring 2012 Tartar 019

Around 10:15 we finally got everyone together and rolled across the street to a lager parking lot to make sure we had everyone and the final preps and 1 flat was done then we headed through the Streets of Rancho Cordova to the entrance to the American river trail. All told I believe there was about 35 of us that morning heading east.

The Trail runs along the river, beside golf courses , bits of highway and through some nice parks. The elevation was nice with only a few dips and rises. As usual during the stops you get to introduce yourself and begin to make new friends.

spring 2012 Tartar 021 spring 2012 Tartar 022

The weather was  above 30c and the trail was great with a lot of other cyclists who were both amused and grumpy; depending if they were “training” with a group of other or just touring. I have heard since that the Sacramento area is not the nicest area for serious riders and that if they can, they like to speed along and train on the trail. For an urban bike trail It was worth the drive.

spring 2012 Tartar 023 spring 2012 Tartar 026

For lunch several of us ended up at a new, to me, type restaurant that serve Fish Tacos as their thing. Yep Fish Tacos, Mostly deep fried fish and typical taco and burrito fixings . Pretty good for a mid ride stop over lunch. 

spring 2012 Tartar 028 spring 2012 Tartar 027

We then headed back to the motel the way we came. Both ride and Saturday and Sunday were out and back again rides. I recall we got back around 4:30 pm and the relaxed around the pool until it was time to go for dinner. Across the Street was a Hooters.  The night before we had gone for Thai so I wanted some good old comfort bar food after a good days riding. I went for Wings’n fries with 5 others.

After dinner several riders got together around the pool and had a few drinks and of course lots of stories and bike talk. I realised the next morning we had broken All of the rules posted for use of the pool area. But we did not hear a peep from the management as for a group we were fairly quiet.  Around 12:30 pm we finally headed back to our rooms for some rest before the next days Hot Ride.  So we rode about 52 klm on Saturday. met and had a great time with new friends  AAAhhhhhh

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  1. A very nice bunch of bikes and riders. I never see so much open trikes in Holland.