Monday, May 21, 2012

May Long Weekend Ride Around Lac St. Anne

Its been our custom for the Last couple of years to go to Alice's’ family Cabin near lac St. Anne at  Alberta Beach Alberta. She grew up going to Family Bible Camp in that Cabin and her Mother Bequeathed it to Alice on her passing. So we go rake the leaves , tidy it up and then spend the rest of the weekend riding in the area. For the last few years I have ridden around Lac St. Anne for a total of about 45 km or so. This was Alice's’ first ride around the lake on her Tour Easy and mine with the Mango.
Alice did great for a lack of riding this year, as this was her first longer ride!  It was a bit of a effort as they have done a lot of road work in the Native Canadian Reserve at the North west part of the lake and 1/3 of the route turned to heavy gravel road! Arrrrg!!! There were times I got stuck in almost 6-8 inches of loose gravel. I have to say that a Mango doesn't float over deep gravel too well. A couple of times Alice pushed me out of the deep stuff and up part way up a hill then walked back and got her bike or I had to walk the Mango a bit. But we just laughed it off and called it an adventure!
Alberta Beach May 2012 009

I must say it is grand to have a partner who loves to ride ‘bents and can laugh at her husband and the situation he gets her into sometimes… priceless!

Alberta Beach May 2012 013

 lARR & alICE Alberta Beach May 2012 015

We had a great time and then when we got back to the cabin we had a BBQ with some of her family and the played ROOK ( a card game) until 12:30 that night.
A great Day!
Monday after we got back from the lake I went for a training ride with 3 other from my cycling group for a 25 km romp. Well a romp for me as they battled ahead wind a lot of the time and i coasted for a bout 1/4 of the ride as the velo rolls so much easier than their up rights. Plus when it came time to push it a bit the quickly were dropped way behind and i had to cast until they caught up. Velos are so unfair to enable a fat guy to stay ahead of his co-riders soooo easily! heh heh heh!
Have a great Week

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