Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Joined the Gang in `Da Hood`!!

Today I received my Sinner Tour Cap, aka: “Da Hood!” from Ray at Bluevelo
2013-05-21 21.54.51
Tonight I went on a 12km test ride. OMG! I am a believer! on a short 2% stretch outside of town the best I’ve ever done down was 45kph at the end of the season when I was conditioned. Tonight at the beginning of the season I hit 50 kph!!! Actually it was the first time I ever hit 50 while pedaling the velo on a relatively flattish road. I am excited to see what I can do as I get fitter.

2013-05-21 22.00.31
Okay maybe losing 45 lbs this winter helped too, but I did this stretch only two weeks ago! Zoom Zoom....

Save your pennies boys and girls, it really is worth it.

On the side of the tour cap it says: Sinner!
        But I’ve been Redeemed! (honest Officer!)
Havin Fun and lovin my Velo
Larry P.S. Thanks Harry for a Great innovation (looking forward to the new holey seat ;) and Ray for prompt delivery!

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  1. Congratulations! I (still) love riding a convertable, but 50km/h untrained on a flat terrain is surely a tempting 'sin'.