Saturday, June 8, 2013

T'was a goot day fer a ride! Ya!

After a somewhat damp week and feeling a bit of a want for a few miles under my tires Wouter called up Friday and asked if I was busy on Saturday. I promptly replied “yep going for a ride!”  He replied “I thought so, lets do it.” So after 1:00 pm, after my shift at the shop Wouter called and said he had a hankering to meander around Millet. So remembering the route Godspoke took when John and Teresa escorted us around a few years back, we headed out to Millet. millet ride june 13
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We had a great afternoon wandering around the acreages along nice paved and quiet roads. Stopping here and there enjoying the sights, the nicely groomed yards, a few horses, you know.

Then we did mighty battle against the onerous wind gods on the return. After a mighty and prolonged battle we over came the Furies of the Howling Gusts and did retrieve the standard that was plucked from our midst unawares midway of our trek. T'was unknown to us of the Wily Siroccos vile trickery until the real battle was upon us!  (*for explanation see end of post) But we over came and were Victorious in our Quest! ( cheers and reverie noises from the crowds reading )

I do enjoy riding a lot, but I enjoy riding even more when I am with others who are just riding for the scenery, camaraderie and potential adventure! We had the luxury of knowing our route, well mostly, today. But sometimes its even more fun to head down a road and turn just to see where it takes you.
When was the last time you just went out in the country for an adventure ride?  Want to go for a ride? Call up one or more from the group and see who shows up. Sometimes those are the the most memorable. If you want to be on the spontaneous adventure ride list leave a comment; who knows what may lie ahead…..

(*it was a bit windy on our return and  Wouter had lost his new Renu Cycle flag at the railway tracks but we found it on our way back, hooray! The other description sounds more "adventurous" :) )


  1. Fun report! I'd love to join an adventurous country ride in the America's. But it's pretty far swimming...

  2. Hi Larry,
    I find since I got my Quest the wind doesn't blow as hard here in our part of Canada. But even though we live in the same country it's a long way between us. But if I ever get to Alberta I will look you up for a ride.