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Sunday  morning a group of about 10 of us headed west. The cool  thing about TOT is the lack of a distinct agenda. There actually was about 4 major groups heading all over the region. Someone picks a direction, places the intent on the white board and people meet and go. It's a great way to meet all sorts of people this way and then at night under the portico everyone relates their days activities to each other and its amazing, new friendships are born.

The ride west from Kellogg is one of the most beautiful rides I have done in western Canada or N.W. States.

Most of the time you are riding along a water way surrounded by low mountains. The Pathway is paved, smooth and  flat. I did some of my highest speed averages, and can see how others in flat countries can maintain such high speeds on their commutes and rides. A velo just wants to fly when it gets up to speed!
DSCF0094We stopped at Harrison on Lake Coeur D'Alene for a lunch on a deck over hanging the water and the sun came out. You can’t ask for a better time

Sunday was the first actual day which started with a BBQ at 5:30pm, hosted by one of the people who got everyone together 6 years ago.

Little did he know how much it would grow! During and after the potluck BBQ, people were looking at bikes, taking them for test rides, and meeting long lost friends.

Of all the bikes/trikes there was a leaning low rider and a local builder who is developing a really well thought out off road quad check these out:


Later around 9:30 pm the crowd thinned out and most people headed to their rooms  for some rest and sleep.
A Great, Fun day was had by all!

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