Saturday, June 30, 2012

Day 3 Kellogg to Wallace

The day started out nice an sunny! It was the warmest start so far.


Everyone had gotten a lot of ret and were ready to get out. We joined  a group of about 20 meet and headed for Mullen and Kellogg. So I Got a nice video of the group starting out and then quickly got to the head of the line so I could get to the bathroom at the first stop first.

I tell you, riding a velo sure gets you to the head of the line fast!  Its about 22 km to Kellogg and as we started out I  I thought I boy am I  tired! My calves were getting sore right away and I began to think   I was a lot more worn out from the last couple of days riding than what I had  believed.  Plus I had to go to the bathroom! SO away, I go and go and go. Where is the freaking pit stop? I was sure motivated to stay head of every I tell you! My legs were getting tired I was sweating pretty good, but where is the bathroom?  22 km later I finally get to a pit stop where there is a porta- potty! AAhhh .


But a I was spent! A head wind had picked up and I felt exhausted I was tired. My wife and daughter showed up about 15 minutes later with the rest of the group. I had Time to think and rest.  I decided to ride back, skip the rest of the ride up hill to Mullen and go shopping with my wife and daughter.  We rode around Wallace for a few minutes , picked up a local berry milkshake to share called a Huckleberry MMMMMMMM good.

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You can try the huckleberry flavour in a lot of Hammer nutritional products now a days . It good.

We then headed down back to Kellogg. It was really then I realized why my calves, knees were sore and I why I was so tired, I had been riding up a 2-3 percent grade all morning. The ride back was interesting, I don’t think I pedaled more the 100 meters for the first 15 km. I was coasting along at an average of 22 kph! Wahoo! It was a fun experience that I relished


When we arrived got back at he hotel we took some time to get refreshed then we headed to Spokane to do some shopping at REI and enjoy each others company as a family. I must say Kara is impressing everyone with her great spirit and enthusiasm for riding a Bent! She was the only teenager there and she had never ridden over 30 km and she did several days over 50!


I am pretty proud of her as well';  so far this is one of the best vacations we had as a family! My lil’ girl is growin’ up!  Sad smile  Smile

We got back to the hotel around 5pm and  got ready for a buffet meal at the Snakepit. This was one of three times most of the people attending TOT did some thing as a big group. We rode the 7 km to the restaurant; ate then rode back at dusk.

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Well 99% of the group did.  I was the last to leave as sweep and when I got about 150 meters from the Snakepit my chain broke. I started to rethread the chain as it was getting dark and realized that it was a wee bit more complicated than I thought. So I pushed the velo back to restaurant and made a call to the hotel and got picked up. I must remember to get a video or  pictures of how to correctly rethread the chain in a Mango and other velos to post on my Repairs Page to use as a reference. If you carry a smart phone take a photo or two or even a short video to keep on hand so if you break your chain you can readily reroute it; if not you will find a video here on my blog in the near future.  (Harry, we need more instructional videos!)

Day three was a great day! Talk to you soon!


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