Saturday, March 10, 2012

Spring Ride#1

Spring has finally seemed to have arrived in northern Alberta.The Beginning of the week we had the worst storm of the season, 5 days later its almost melted. Its spring in a new way for me too as this weekend was the first time since my surgery 6 weeks ago that I could climb into my velo. OH BOY was it hard to get out. NO stomach strength! I did not realise how much i used my abs to get out of the velo. My video in January look s like an athlete compared to me huffin and puffin and wiggling to get out. Plus having gained a few pounds I noticed that it’s a lot tighter and less roomy inside. That’s OK, just a lot more motivation soon I’ll be able to go for a jog in the Velo, LOL.

During the ride today, I really became aware how different riding a Velo around town really is. On my Goldrush little hills and valleys don’t seem that tough, but I certainly used my gearing a lot more. Probably due to the few pounds I gained and the Velo. The Goldrush seems a lot more responsive than the Mango but the Mango is definitely less susceptible to weather and traffic seems to treat me a lot more like a small vehicle than a bicycle. I can definitely see that having both bikes will serve different purposes but both very very enjoyable to ride.

Hopefully this will be the beginning of a great cycling year. I am definitely  motivated to lose a lot more weight and get a lot fitter and pushing around my big butt and a 70 + pound Velomobile is going to help.

Here’s a couple of pictures and the Garmin tracks of where I was riding today.

Near the end of a Fantastic spring ride in My Sinner Mango Velomobile

Now Go have a great day of riding yourself

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