Friday, March 16, 2012

Rear Wheel Clickin'

On Sunday I started to hear a clicking sound coming from the rear of my Mango. Monday and Tuesday I did not ride it too far about 5 Km each day but the sound kept getting a lot more frequent. So Wednesday I made a little 30 second video and sent it off to Harry (SinnerBikes) and He and his colleges diagnosed it as a bad bearing! Isn't modern technology wonderful with Youtube and Skype!

 "No problem"! I looked up Harry's video on how to remove the back wheel here on the Repair Video page and a little sweat and gears later, the wheel was off. I headed up to my Local Bike Parts Suppler and Store, United Cycle, where and they changed out both bearings as I watched (so I learned how to do it myself next time). I am still learning about bike repairs so I watch videos or more experienced mechanics first so I can attempt to do it later. If you are good at doing your own work then see the Sturmey-Archer XL-SD FRONT Bearing Replacement Video by: Nitramulap on the Repair Video page here for a great primer on how to change a bearing. Paul did a great job on the replacement & video.
United Cycle is the largest Bike store in the Edmonton area and they work great with little startup bike shops like mine where I get great service on more difficult jobs and part discounts. Large Distributors don't seem to like Small shops any more because volumes are so low. Its fantastic for me and my clients.
Anyways, An hour and 1/2 later I was back to the shop to put the wheel back on. Harry's video mentions how to take off the wheel but not about changing bearings or anything. That's just the first step.  So here is my explaination of how to install the rear bearing of a Mango or similar rear wheel (not sure if Quests and Stradas are the same).

Installing A Rear Bearing on A SinnerBikes Mango
Watch the video first by Nitramulap it will help he has several good graphics and pointers.
The rear bearings are similar to the front, only the bearings fit a bit looser in the rear wheel. You need 2  - 6001 bearings. Some grease (Pauls)  A #5 hex driver, a light source, a 13ml wrench and some patience. So when putting the wheel back together you have to use GREEN Loctite to set the bearing.  (not 100% sure why but According to Harry if you don't ... well, you will be doing this again soon).  I am not clear on the mechanics of how bearings work and why they must be tight this way. My local LBS did not say anything. Is this strictly a velomobile issue? (if some one can comment and explain why I will add it to this post). I had never even head Of GREEN Loctite until Harry said it was important (NO you cannot use blue, red or shudder purple Loctite! they are not strong enough).
Put the pieces back together and apply the GREEN Loctite carefully around the outer edge of the bearing. Wipe off  the excess. GREEN Loctite is used to flow into assembled parts and it the strongest Loctite. Be Very careful NOT to get any in the bearings!!!!
Once you have the wheel assembled install the wheel back into the Velo, tighten the wheel, but don't tighten to much so your wheel doesn't spin right. Then Leave it for 24 hrs so it cures properly, Do Not Ride Your Velo!!!!. ( I know that's tough, but better safe than sorry!) That's it. Enjoy your next ride!

Thanks Harry & Crew of SinnerBikes for the input and the Instructional Videos. Looking forward to more videos! You never know when they might be needed!   Like How to do the Rear Bearing Properly.

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