Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Cords Everywhere!!!

When I first got my mango I had a Cateye and my iPhone that's all I thought I need. ha. I have since added a Garmin 500 GPS, I have a Jambox and they all need cords, batteries,etc .. Overtime all the cords connectors got to be so much was like a snake pit in my bike bag. There seemed to be cords everywhere! Messing up the clean appearance of the interior. Then one day not too long ago I saw, while researching on eBay,  a chord with several different heads almost Medusa like. It has 30 pin connector end for all of the Apple products; mini USB, micro USB, a 4.0 DC Jack, and what they call and Nintendo type jack. You can see in the pictures what types of tips there really is. This has saved me a lot of space and time and USB ports I have to put in my mango. There is probably a lot of different types of these multi-cords on the market, look for one that fits your needs, it will save you a lot of space and tangles.

 One Cord to Bind them, One Cord to Rule Them ALL!    LOL

I have also had time to put in my Trek odometer with cadence. I had to create a modified cord to extend the cadence part. To deal with the cord routing I used zip ties and same nonslip mac tack tape I used to cover my steering hump, so now they're hidden yet I can get at them if I do need to take the cord out.

On Sunday I started to hear a clicking noise whether I was spinning or coasting coming from my rear end. No not my butt, the area around the swingarm and the rear wheel sprocket. Does not seem to affect the speed, coasting or peddling. it sounds like something trying to shift gear, But there is nothing there. I made a video so I could see and hear maybe post and find someone who might have a better idea; I just have to edit it because it is rather large to put up on my YouTube page. In an email to Harry at Sinnerbikes he suggested to WD the pivots and things first before teairng things apart. I did and tomorrow i will go for a test ride to see if it is still there.

I also changed out all my tires to Primo comments that I had on hand for hopefully a faster ride.
Well that's it for now. Stay in touch, the season is just starting, more ride reports and Mods and reviews coming up this is just beginning.

Oh yeah; I added another magnet to the front corners of the Cover to snug it down a bit better)

I will add a couple more photos to this blog later in the week.

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