Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Welcome To 2013!

I am excited for the year coming up! Last Night I rode in the New year with my daughter Kara with the ICE Adventure HD.

Guess What? I Read this Morning that the ICE Adventure HD won the "RECUMBENT OF THE YEAR" On Bent Rider Online! This was a result of a poll done by participator and editors of the From. Bent Rider is THE go to source for Recumbent info and Forums on the Net so this is Huge for the manufacturer. ICE is undoubtably excited today! And YES We have one for you to try out at Renu Cycle here in Leduc!

Track Your Ride
One of the largest and FREE Cycling Journals is bikejournal.com. Tracking your rides over the year can be a great motivator for personal fitness and yes, some competitiveness/accountabilty. You can be all private or share others, it's up to you! You can even track it using the browser on your smartphone. I highly recommend that you sign up. I did!
Join the 'BentRider Recumbent Club
it can add some competiveness, encouragement, motivation and accountablity to your riding this year.
I look forward to see some of you on the Board! Plus Bryan is looking into having some prizes this year for Bent Rider Members participating on Bike Journal this year.

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