Thursday, November 1, 2012

Our first Snowfall!

Nov 1
It snowed today :(
For many that really closes the cycling season until spring thaw.
Not in my shop!
Today I received my first shipment of ICE Trikes. 3 good sized boxes arrived from Cornwall, England. Inside are 3 ICE Adventure tadpole trikes. 2 are sold, and 1 for a shop demo! The first of the trikes we are offering from our newest venture Renu Cycle. We have been doing bicycle repairs for 2 years now and are finally offering recumbent trikes! We are the dealer for ICE Trikes in Northern Alberta (well, right now we are the closest ICE dealers for most of Saskatchewan, Alberta and Northern B.C.)  This afternoon I built my first ICE trike. Here are a few photos of the unboxing.

If you are in the area interested in recumbent trikes, drop by and take a ride and try out this fun, comfortable ride, that is what the demo is for! You may even ride indoors out of the winter on some Saturdays!

Thanks to all for the encouragement and prayers in the past couple of the years and as I dreamed, planned and have begun this new adventure! Who know where this may lead, but I am really enjoying the journey! In the days to come I will post more build photos and maybe of the delivery to the first owners!


  1. Hey! Then we in Norway where first with new snow this year, we had snow last sunday october 28th, I rode the Strada home trough 10 cm of new snow! I was happy I had put the spikes on the bike 2 days before!
    Greetings, Adrian.

  2. Larry; Congrats on your venture. I wish you the best. Next time I am up your way, I will drop in. Use me as a demo resource here in the South. Cornell