Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Trike Stand Proto type

On Tuesday evening Oct 31, Wouter B. and I set out to make a work stand for the the trikes we are going to build this season. I decided to try and make one after I priced out a couple in the States. But after the sales, tax, shipping and duty they were too expensive to bring across the border. I have a couple of friends who are good welders, so in the future we are going to make a some available to some of our clients after we get the bugs worked out. So here is our unfinished efforts of an adjustable aluminum stand. A good working height of 1 meter and maneuverability with locking rollers.
  I wanted rollers because I will also use it as a display stand and will need to move it around to clean the area. I also share the bike shop with my Windshield and detailing shop so I have to be able to get what I am working on out of the way while we do other services. Materails cost just over $125.00 for the prototype. With an ICE Trike on top it proved quite stable. I did cantilver the back leg today and added even more stability.


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