Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Day 4 The Ride Before the Storm

Today's Partial ride Home was Great, Speed was defiantly up , So was the pressure in the tires. Makes a difference from 65 to 100 psi. I also seem to have the Mango dialed in better. It doesn't take me 15+ minutes to get in connected and comfortable. I think I may have to, no I will take out the Pedal extenders, I don't like the rubbing I feel when pedalling. I need them on the GRR but I'll try to see what happens when I try riding without them.

Now if the weather would co-operate so i can get some longer rides in to work on my endurance. Tonight and tommorrow we are to have rain the 5-25 centimeters of heavy wet snow. Should make tomorrows ride rather interesting.
Oh Later in the month I am traveling to the US. for a bike ride and business trip.April 18-28+ . I am planning to visit the Risse Factory, a few West coast dealers, T-Cycle Accessories and hopefully a velo builder in Vancouver B.C. Plus a lot of riding in several States so Say tuned for the Crazy Canuck Tour to TAR TAR. with fellow velonaut Bluecoyote. Should be some fun posts, Interviews, video and photos. Maybe a detailed look the Rotovelo and interview with Nada Holz of USA Rotovelo importer.

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  1. Hi Larry,
    I also use the Kneesaver extenders to avoid scrubbing the chainguide with my right leg. I also scrubbed the hood of the Quest. I reduced the width of 2 cm tot 1.3 cm and there is no more scrubbing.
    Best regards,