Sunday, April 1, 2012

Day 1 of 30 Days

Today i rode my Velo for the first time in a couple of weeks. It was also the start of 30 days of Cycling that I signed up to do for April. No matter how I feel, no matter the weather. I will cycle everyday this month. I will post a photo and the stats. Last yearI really enjoyed this commitment. It was a highlight for 2011. I hope this year will prove to be better because I have a new Velo to get used to and because I am so out of shape from medical issues this past winter.

No more excuses here goes:

Today was a shake down ride, had some chain rubbing from one of the chain covers on the inside, it sort of irritated me for most of the ride; I stopped a couple of times to adjust it and it got a bit better but not until I got home and removed both did it go away. I have to get the covers just so or I get rubbing. I certainly need to lose the weight I gained over the last couple of months, but even then I notice my speed is better than last year. Not in the 30's like others but definitely pleased.

I felt poorly all day, and if it was not that I made a commitment to myself, I would have stayed in. It, as always, turned out to be a great day for a ride. It's amazing how much we do or don't do is all mental, what we decide to do. We really can do more if we make the choice just to do it.

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