Sunday, April 6, 2014

Slow GOIN” Day 6–30 days of Cycling

I was feeling a little tired this afternoon before my second ride of the day. I rode part of the way home after church today on the ICE Adventure HD RS.

 2014-04-06 15.16.10

All during my 11km ride this afternoon I was thinking I was just lagging, Then to cross the highway to get back into my subdivision I used the brake, “click”.  ARRG I was riding with the park brake on the whole time . No wonder I was slower than average. My legs feel it now! The last 2 km were a breeze! Zoom Zoom

2014-04-06 19.09.46

This Wednesday We meet at the Leduc Alliance Church to Start off our weekly Rides for the Season be there at 6:45 for a nice social ride, stop for a refreshment etc.

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