Sunday, August 18, 2013

Calmar Days Parade

We had a great day being involved with the Calmar Parade and Mega Garage Sale. 4 people rode Trikes and I rode my Velo during the parade. We had a booth setup for people to try out the trikes after the parade. During the afternoon Several people tried out the trikes and many came over to gawk at the velo. Most people around here have only seen me zipping up and down the hiway and were curious to see what makes it go!
Later in the day we had a visit from John who is interested in getting his own Velo. He commute over 25 km one way to work. Currently he rides a Cat Trike Expedition with a Bionix Electric Assist and is looking at getting a Strada to lengthen his commuting days and get some decent weather protection. Wouter and I tried it out his trike with assist at max. When the electric motor kicked in my first response was a startled Wo hoo! I can definitely see how an electric assist would be right for a longer commute. It's a blast!

It was a fun day getting exposure for the Sinner Mango & Trikes

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