Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Ultimate Leisurely Ride Accessory

I would Never consider putting one of these on My GRR or in my Velo, but on a trike going for a nice leisurely cruise around the local lake bike path, taking in the scenery (Landscape and !!!!) It just hits the spot!
It's a  Bicycle Coffee Cup Holder!
Ooh Yes, since I am in Canada, eh! it's gotta hold a large dbl dbl Tims' !

coffee holder Ice Trikes

This Week we put in our order for 3 new demo Trikes from: Drum Roll Please…… Terra Trikes! Yes! We snagged a new Dealership from the Most Prolific Trike Manufacturer in the World!  Stay Tuned for more details over the next couple of Weeks.You can head over to their Web site to see what they have to offer!
There is a lot of info there for you to read!  We will be getting in a Rover 8 Nexus, A Rambler base and a Tour II Base. See you soon,

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