Monday, December 19, 2011

Saving for Velo for Spring 2012

If everything works out by the first weekend in April, I will have a used Velo from Olds, Alberta. Saving and working a part-time job at the airport to pay for it!

Here is a video I made showing me taking a test drive and some info on the Velo:

I'll Update as I get Inspired!


  1. Great start Larry!
    Some fine tuning thing re the blog:
    The slogan is hard to read against the background.

    The slogan says "thoughts on riding and owning a velomobile in around Edmonton" you may want to change it to "in AND around Edmonton".

    Your video was great but I couldn't get it to play full screen. The full screen button doesn't seem to work. Maybe a Mac thing?

    Congratulations again,
    Sean (CraftGeek on BROL)

  2. Thanks for the credit line! So I am to blame for it?? LOL!!!

  3. Itmwas the conversation over blueberry mufffins that really got me to thinkin, plus Robs blog! Little did I know...