Sunday, March 18, 2012

Your Velos Benefits

Several People have askeds for a copy of the Benefits Of a Velo with thier type of Velos.
These are the Types I have Currently:

To Get the Image you want: First left click on an image to get Image gallery then Just right click on the image you want and you can save and Print it out how ever you want. All I ask for in Payment is a Thanks in the Comments section. Larry


  1. Larry,

    I saw this post in the feed on my website.
    Great work! Thanks. I grabbed a copy of the Quest.


  2. can you also make a mango+?
    and without the roof pleace.

    Is it allowed to use and change your pictures if we leave you name on it?

  3. Birger, What is the difference? Do you want a graphic of just the mango+ ? i can do that eamil me A PHOTO of your ride. velorydr at telus dot net

    yuo will owemea coffee when i come over for Euro Tour 13


  4. Wow, good job! Do you mind if I pick a copy of the Quest and place it on my Facebookpage and my weblog? It's great to let my viewers know what the advantages of Velomobiling are.

    Thanks for your response.

    Robert-Jan a.k.a. Questeritus

  5. Velorydr those are really nice drawings. Do you have any plans in future expanding this collection with Quest/Mango/Strada's with current popular race/tour hardtop's and windscreens ?

  6. Those are great drawings, good advertising for velomobiles! With your approval I'll put a copy of those on my website.
    Best regards,

  7. Larry, I only came accross your work recently. Well done! I have copied the Mango for a post on and linked back to both pages.



  8. Thanks! I took the beautiful Quest...


  9. Just found the great picture of the Quest with all its benefits.
    Added it to my facebook page.
    Thanks a lot!!


  10. Thanks i copied the 2nd one from top...I would like if you could Please make me one with a Leitra in it, as I am joining the Eurotour 2013 and picking up my New Leitra in Copenhagen around the 1st july.
    Thank You very much
    Karl Jorgensen

  11. Thanks for the drawing, great for promoting the velomobile :-)

    Erwin (Strada 48)

  12. Even the WAW is there thanks!
    It's looking good.